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A Tale Of Two Sisters is a seven-chapter novella written for the expansion, portraying the exciting origins of the Shaman and the early dark history of Ardent.

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A Tale Of Earth And Sea

The Shaman Class

For the first time in Villagers & Heroes’ history, we are bringing a new character class into the game! The Shaman excels at offensive combat and support alike, focusing on either protective Earth magic or rejuvenating Water spells. But do not be fooled, for the Shaman is no mere spellcaster - she also leaps into combat with ferocious strength, relying on all manner of axes, polearms and hatchets to decimate her enemies.

Earth And Water

The Shaman commands the earth beneath her feet for both protection and destruction, and summons torrents of water to damage enemies and heal wounds.

Into The Fray

Jump into battle with mighty axes! The Shaman excel at melee combat, but can also use her axe as an instrument of magic for powerful ranged attacks.

Help Your Allies

Take the role of tank and protect your allies as a powerful Earth Shaman, or heal and bless your allies with the renewing power of a Water Shaman.

Earth Shaman

The blood of the earth, rich, violent, and majestic, runs through the veins of this mighty Shaman who draws on the colossal forces of nature to wield powers both decimating and beautiful. Stone and soil, sun and wind, are but a few of the elements inherent to the earth shaman who can summon the might of avalanches or tear the ground asunder with devastating quakes. Beware the arsenal of this worthy foe, whose spells can wreak the havoc of a furious earth.

Earth Attunement

An Earth Shaman can enter a state of Earth Attunement, where defensive stats are increased, threat generation is increased, some Water Power is converted to Earth Power, and all attackers take retailation damage.

Water Shaman

While the tranquility of rippling streams and soothing brooks flows through the healing hands of this gentle shaman, so, too, does the colossal power of raging oceans and devastating tempests. Like the waves which softly lap upon a shore or those which rise up and devour whole regions of land, the water shaman is a perfect balance of order and chaos, and draws upon the vast power of that which sustains life for all plants and animals in the world.

Water Attunement

A Water Shaman can enter a state of Water Attunement, where all healing over time effects get more powerful, heals can critically strike, some Earth Power is converted to Water Power, and all basic attacks become ranged.

Wind Spells & Talents

Wind, that most powerful of forces within nature, is a dynamic component to the arsenal kits of both Earth and Water Shaman alike, who harness the energy of violent tempests or raging hurricanes in an equally destructive manner. Both types of Shaman understand the vital importance of wind, and its integral relationship to the natural world of which they are so deeply immersed in.

Wind Attunement

A Wind Shaman can enter a state of Wind Attunement, where movement speed is increased, and Water and Earth Power is converted into Dodge Chance. After attuning to Wind, the next attunement back to Earth or Water cost no mana.

Spells & Talents

The following is but a small selection of the vast array of spells available to the Shaman class!


Smashes an enemy, dealing Earth Damage and removing some of their armor. The armor reduction stacks up to 5 times.

Gaia's Ward

When surviving an attack that drops you below 10% health, gain an absorb shield proportional to your maximum health.

Water Shield

Guard an ally with charges of Water Shield. Taking damage consumes a charge, heals the ally, and damages the attacker.


Blasting now releases a Riptide instead of an energy wave, changing its damage type to Water and scaling with your Water Power.


The Shaman battles with ferocity and primal energy, jumping into the fray of battle with sturdy shields and sharpened axes - Water Shamans can even switch between melee and ranged attacks on the fly!


The Shaman uses powerful axes, polearms and hatchets to decimate her enemies. In addition to melee combat, they can also be channeled into powerful ranged attacks.


For defense, the Shaman joins the ranks of Warriors and Priests and utilize sturdy wooden or metal shields. Shields can always be used regardless of weapon.


Totems are small items of imbued energies which Shaman use to draw power from. Totems come in many forms and, like other class tokens, are unlocked at level 45.


For the complete Shaman backstory, read our novella A Tale Of Two Sisters!

Exactly when, or in what distant land the first Shaman originated from, will forever be shrouded in mystery, for their kind, like their home, was obliterated by evil Mallok during the Shadow Years. Like so many who perished or were lost during that nightmarish era, when darkness engulfed the ravaged world and vile beasts, at their master’s bidding, roamed the wasteland inflicting ever more chaos, the culture of the Shaman, their noble traditions and history, was destroyed.

And yet, the mighty Shaman rose again because of two descendants, twin sisters, born after the fall of Mallok when light had been restored to the world. But had it? For though the great realm of Ardent, where righteous warriors and hunters, wizards and priests had joined together to create a land in which peace and order, friendship and kindness were said to pervade, there instead lurked a sinister cruelty at its heart. For fear and distrust of outsiders was rampant. Instead of Mallok’s vile beasts roaming the world, violent mobs of hysterical citizens intent on punishing any they deemed different from themselves militantly patrolled the kingdom at the behest of their king. It was a time of bloody persecution and intolerance, and it was into this cruel world that the twin Shaman sisters were born.

Hunted and reviled, cast into a foul prison to rot and die in along with so many other innocents, theirs is a tale of much hardship and suffering, and of discovery. As strange powers unknown to them begin to emerge within each of the sisters, powers as great as those of their oppressors, the twins embark upon a journey of exploration in which the full glorious weight of their Shaman birthright is revealed to them. But what place are there for Shaman in a twisted world which condemns them? Destroy the oppressors or seek other paths? A new line of Shaman will flourish and rise again. Find out how, and at what cost, in A Tale of Two Sisters.

A Tale Of Many Faces

New Character Looks

A Tale of Earth and Sea brings a huge amount of new character customization options! In addition to a wide array of new skin colors, glowing eye colors and new face appearances, character models have recieved an overhaul and also feature new clothing. Overall, there are now over 12 million appearance combinations right in character create!

Skin Colors

With eight new fantasy-themed skin colors, there are now 13 colors in total to choose from, alongside the already existing 50 hair colors. All skin colors can be picked during character creation or by using a Makeover Kit.

Use the buttons below to check out all skin colors!


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Faces & Eyes

Along with the new skin colors, we are also doing a full revamp of character faces and eye appearances. Choose between a wide range of all-new faces, and give your characters glowing or otherwise mystical-looking eyes!

By The Numbers

In total, you can now choose between 36 faces, 7 ordinary eye colors, and 16 glowing eye colors!

Body Overhaul

The character models themselves have also recieved an update - with a more stylized, fantasy-inspired look, new clothing and skin textures, and general improvements overall.

Our goal was to make the models more in tune with the character role, with an athletic body and graceful proportions reflecting the lifestyle of a hero - while still keeping the aesthetic true to the V&H art style.

Use the buttons below to compare the old and new version!

See the Difference

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Old Model
New Model


To see how all these new appearance options come together, check out all these examples of characters you will be able to make!

A Tale Of New Beginnings

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A Tale Of High Style

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A Tale Of Great Challenges

This section will be revealed soon!

And Much More!

This section will be revealed soon!